Research & Certificate Requests


To qualify for an Adair County Pioneer Certificate, an applicant must submit documented evidence of direct descendancy from an ancestor who settled in Adair County in 1889 or earlier. An applicant need not be a resident of Adair County nor have ever lived in Iowa. Anyone who is a direct descendant may apply. After proof of direct descent has been submitted and eligibility has been determined, the certificate will be given or mailed. All certificates ordered will be mailed to one address, that of the person ordering the certificates.

For each ancestor for which an application and documented evidence qualifies, a separate certificate will be issued. If an applicant wants additional certificates for one pioneer ancestor, proof of descent need only be submitted once. Cost for the first certificate is $2.00 plus $.75 postage and $1.50 plus $.50 postage for each additional certificate (postage fee applicable only if certificates are to be mailed).



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