About Us



Books, CDs, DVDs, Hot Spots, public computers and public IPads. One library providing materials, computers, programming and information services to residents of Greenfield and the surrounding communities.

Our service to you starts with our great staff. Our staff is here to assist you, from advising you on what to read next, to searching online databases. We invite you to get to know your library staff and the great services available


Library Staff

Danica Clayton, Director, Youth Services Librarian dclayton@greenfield.lib.ia.us

Sandy Bingaman, Public Services Librarian sbingaman@greenfield.lib.ia.us

Roseann Freeland, Public Services Librarian rfreeland@greenfield.lib.ia.us


Greenfield Public Library depends on a funding partnership between government agencies and private donors to remain a recognized source of knowledge and information in serving the community. Additional essential funding is provided by local, state and federal funds and by contributions from individuals and organizations.

Friends of Greenfield Public Library

This is a volunteer committee, currently in the transition of becoming an active group. If you are interested in becoming involved in an active Friends committee, please stop in or reach out or call (641)743-6120.