About the Adair County Anquestors



The Adair County Anquestors Genealogy Society was founded 1973 to exchange ideas and information on genealogical research.   The Anquestors are a chapter of the Iowa Genealogy Society.   Meetings are held at the Greenfield Public Library the 4th Saturday of each month (except December).   Annual dues are $15 per person or $17 per couple.   If interested in joining, contact Anquestors at the address above.   All members receive a newsletter which is published quarterly.   Each newsletter contains valuable genealogical data for research from Adair County, Iowa.

Need some help with research?  Send queries to the address above.   Prompt attention will be given to all queries.  A research fee may be charged; if so, you will be informed in advance.

Current Officers:

  • President -- Millie Clayton
  • Vice President -- Lois Frederick
  • Secretary -- Ava Boyle
  • Treasurer -- Julie Harter
  • Executive Board Members -- Mary Arrowsmith and Diane Clayton


Anquestors Meeting Programs

Meetings are held at the Greenfield Public Library at 1:30 PM   Notification of changes in programs or cancellation of meetings due to bad weather will be via a phone tree.

January 27, 2024

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February 24, 2024

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March 23, 2024

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April 27, 2024

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May 25, 2024

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June 22, 2024

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July 27, 2024

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August 24, 2024

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September 28, 2024

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October 26, 2024

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November 23, 2024

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December, 2024

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Merry Christmas  &  Happy New Year



Publications available from the Adair County Anquestors
c/o Greenfield Public Library. P. O. Box 328. Greenfield, IA 50849-0328 

Cemetery Index, Adair County, Iowa, 1799-1976

     Index of all readable cemetery headstones in Adair County cemeteries as well as single graves. 192 pages. Price: $20.00 + $3.00 postage.

Harrison Township Cemetery Index

     History of Harrison Township and cemeteries. 1901 and 1976 plat maps. Index of Fairview Cemetery, 12 pages. Index of Roberts Cemetery, 8 pages. Price: $5.00 + $2.00  postage.

1880 Federal Census Index for Adair County

     Head of household index of 1880 federal census. 32 pages. Price: $5.00 + $2.00 postage.

1885 State Census Index for Adair County

     Head of household index of 1885 state census. 34 pages. Price: $5.00 + $2.00 postage.Publications available from the Iowa Genealogy Society
P. O. Box 7735, Des Moines, IA 50322-7735

Adair County, Iowa Marriages, 1854-1900

     This source is indexed and gives the date of marriage, or the date the license was issued if the date of the actual marriage is not available. 61 pages. Price: $15.60 + $2.50      postage (Iowa residents must add 7% sales tax).

Iowa Sales Tax is now 7%


Greenfield Public Library

 A sampling of available Genealogy Resources

  • Adair County History Books—published in 1884, 1915, 1976, 2001
  • Federal Census Records of Adair County (on microfilm) – 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
  • Iowa Census Records, Adair County (on microfilm) – 1856, 1885, 1895, 1915, 1925
  • Tombstone inscriptions for all Adair County cemeteries, last read in 1976
  • Pictorial cemetery books for some Adair County Cemeteries
  • More than 100 family genealogies with Adair County connections
  • Pedigree sheets of Anquestor members, 2 volumes, with surname index
  • 1901 Adair County plat book – shows landowners
  • 1875 Andreas Atlas – shows landowners
  • Plat maps for various  years
  • Adair County Free Press/ Transcript/Democrat,” on microfilm, selected years
  • “Fontanelle Reporter, Weekly/ Observer” on microfilm, selected years
  • “Stuart Locomotive,” early years on microfilm; “Stuart Herald,” selected years on microfilm
  • Adair News” on microfilm, selected years
  • Casey Vindicator,” early years to 1900 on microfilm
  • Bridgewater Times,” a few selected years on microfilm
  • Scrapbooks of births, weddings and anniversaries for various years
  • Scrapbooks of obituaries of people with Adair County Connections, 1900 – 1989; 2000 - 2022
  • Obituary indexes from local newspapers for 1893 - 1899
  • Births for 1940s and 1950s, information transcribed on cards
  • Birth indexes from local newspapers, 1893 – 1899
  • Adair County Marriage Records – 1854 to 1915
  • Microfilm of Adair County births, deaths, marriages for various years
  • Ewing Funeral Home, Fontanelle, records – 1908 to 1959 (copied in 1976)
  • Adair County Wills and Probates on microfilm for various years
  • Military scrapbooks about Adair County servicemen:  World War II Soldiers, Deceased soldiers in WWII, Civil War soldiers who ever lived in Adair County
  • Adair County Draft Records for World War II
  • Geo. W. Clark Circle No. 80 Ladies of the GAR, 1914 – 1939
  • Naturalization Records for Adair County, 1887 – 1904
  • Adair County School Census Reports – 1948, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1964, 1966
  • Scrapbook about Adair County Town Schools
  • Scrapbook about Adair County Rural Schools
  • Pat McDermott’s Greenfield Tiger Times on microfilm, 1954 - 2010
  • Annuals for Adair County Schools for selected years
  • Four and Five Generation Picture ScrapbookStories and records from many Adair County churchesAdaRe
  • Scrapbook about Abandoned Towns of Adair County
  • Scrapbook about Present Towns of Adair County
  • History books about the towns of Adair County
  • Microfilm of Early Post Offices of Adair County
  • 1947 Rural Directory of Adair County
  • Telephone books for Adair County, various years
  • Greenfield Merchants, 1884
  • Histories and records from many Adair County churches
  • Adams County Births, deaths and marriages (1880 – 1901)
  • Adams County Cemetery Indexes, selected cemeteries
  • Guthrie County Deaths (1916 – 1920), marriage records (1900 – 1915)
  • Guthrie County cemetery indexes:  Rose Hill, Menlo, Glendon, Immanuel Lutheran, Dalmanutha
  • Madison County Cemetery Indexes, selected cemeteries
  • Madison County Births for Selected Years
  • Union County Cemetery Indexes, selected cemeteries
  • History books for adjoining counties:  Guthrie, Adams, Cass, Union, Dallas and Madison Counties