Mission Statement

Community. Integrity. Information. Accessibility.


Our Core Values

We provide free and equal access to information.

We explore innovation and new ideas.

We are responsive to a changing world and will also build on past success.

We promote lifelong learning.

We anticipate future service needs.

We create partnerships throughout the communities that we serve, to promote our library and services.

We are inclusive and embrace diversity.

All users will have the resources they need to develop and improve their literacy skills to succeed in school, meet their personal goals and fulfill their responsibilities as students, parents, citizens, and workers.

All users will have access to reliable sources of information, welcoming virutal and physical spaces that support community, connection, and engagement.

All users will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest, to continue to learn, and to complement their quality of life.

We will use resources effectively to be adaptable to future needs.